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What Happens After Sex Offenders Are Released

With the horrendous crimes committed by sex offenders, we, as the public, would want them to remain in jail forever.  However, about 95% of the sex offenders eventually return to the community.    Unfortunately, the horrible fact is that many of the sexual predators; especially those belonging to Level 3 often re-commit the crime not soon after being released. 

Upon their release, these sex offenders are entered into the sex offenders registry.  Then the state agencies notify this release to the related children’s administration, aging and disability services administration, mental health authorities, police agencies and licensing agencies that give permission for people to gain access to vulnerable people.

These people are not allowed anywhere near people with disability, child care, elder care etc.  However, due to lack of proper checks, these people often get into voluntary programs for children, elderly and the disabled.   These people are the most vulnerable because they cannot take care of themselves and are prime targets for sex offenders.

Of course, the governments do have a long list of “don’ts” for these people, but these rules are usually bypassed as soon as they get out prison.    Some of the rules imposed on them include; no possession or consumption of mood altering substances of any kind without prescription, no  use of firearms or other ammunition, and they are supposed to let people know of their conviction before taking up employment or getting into relationships. 

Yes, there is a sex offenders registry in each state, but how many people actually ask themselves, “who are the sex offenders in my area?”

Unless the public gains awareness of how these maniacs function, no amount of rules by the government can really help bring down this menace that is haunting our society, our children, our parents and us.

Perform sex offenders registry checks to find out who in your area is a sex offender. 

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date posted: 2009-03-16 04:09:25
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