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Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Safe From Sex Offenders

If you notice, you would find that a majority of these crimes are targeted towards children and teenagers.  This is because they are the most vulnerable and become easy targets to these sexual predators that are always on the lookout.

Parents face constant challenges when trying to keep their children safe in today’s world.  The usual safety tips taught to every child include, “stay away from strangers.” But this concept may not always hold true because the perpetrator could be someone the child knows very well. 

The best thing to do would be to build confidence in children and teach them to respond to potentially dangerous situations.  There is also no point in asking them to lookout for a particular type of person, because most sex offenders look like regular people with no danger signs written all over them.  It is also a great idea to check out the sexual offenders registry in the local area and let the children also understand that these people are out there everywhere.

Another playing field for these sexual predators is the internet.  While the internet offers an array of educational resources and entertainment for children and teenagers, the risks it presents are huge too.  It is alarming to see what the statistics reveal: one in seven youngsters between the ages of 10 and 17 experience sexual solicitations online.  There is no way parents can watch them every moment, but these vulnerable targets must be taught the importance of being cautious on the internet and strategies to avoid the risks of the internet.

The thought that there are no “sexual offenders in my area,” can make children drop their guard. A survey showed that many parents think that making their children brave is the only way to get the better of these sexual predators.  This does not help because at that tender age, kids stand no chance against the wily scheming sexual predators.

Gain access to the sex offenders registry and get a list of the sex offenders in your area.  The best way to combat sexual exploitation is to prevent it.  

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date posted: 2009-03-16 04:08:38
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