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Exploitation By Sexual Predators And How Parents Can Identify The Signs

The victims of sexual molestation can be any age, sex or gender, but they are mostly children.  These sex offenders use many ways to do this.  They introduce children to such activities slowly.

It can be done by touching, exposing or showing pornographic material to the child.  These sex offenders first groom the child into believing them.  Many of them are extremely patient and loving towards the child and shower gifts.  They even go to the extent of befriending a relative of the child to gain easy access. 

Parents and guardians should be completely aware of the signs displayed by the child who is under the influence of such sexual predators.  There could be behavioral changes that include; extreme mood swings, withdrawal, excessive crying, nightmares, bed-wetting, sleep disturbances, sudden rebellious or aggressive behavior.  They should keep a watch out for limping, cuts, bruises, cuts, rashes or unexplained injuries of any sort; especially in the private parts.

It is important to try and determine the cause.  It could also be due to causes such as medical problems, school problems etc. 

It is important to pay complete attention to what children say.  Notice if they are adamant about not going somewhere or being alone at home.  Encourage open communication and make a note of anyone that is showing excess affection and showering your children with gifts.  Teach your children that they have the right to say “no” to anything they are not comfortable with, even to others touching them.  Provide the reassurance that you are always there for them and they can tell you anything. 

Children are not always comfortable disclosing disturbing events and parents must look for clues.

Most importantly, screen caregivers and nannies.  How to find sex offenders in my area?  It is simple.  Most states have a sex offenders registry that allows people to check out individuals for sex offenders and other criminals. 

You can look up the sex offenders registry in your state and gain access to all the criminal records information on a person. 

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date posted: 2009-03-15 16:06:47
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